3 Activities To Keep You Passionately Curious

By Raiden Huang


When your average screen time has shot up three times and you’ve already finished binge-watching the newest season of Money Heist on Netflix, what is there left to do? 


It’s been evident that all creatives have been frantically trying to put out quality content to keep us entertained amidst this crisis. With all the tragedies that have happened in this short amount of time, we’ve all been desperate to find a source of light in a time of darkness.

Mindlessly scrolling down our news feed as we wait for time to speed up has disoriented our headspace. 

Best put by international change-maker David Katz on episode 54 of thinkspace,  “Life is meaningless, it doesn’t come with meaning. You place the meaning in it.” 

He’s not wrong. 

With every news station and media outlet flooded with expert insight on our future of uncertainty, this is a reminder that the future has always been uncertain. We’ve never actually known what’s to come. It’s recently been a constant reminder pinned to the wall –  to not let the fear of uncertainty paralyze us. 

Needless to say, a few of us may have gone off course.

So, here are a few gems worth checking out to hold you accountable during these sluggish times.



Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins. From the moment we picked up this book, we couldn’t put it down. The imagery is so rich within these pieces of paper it’s as if you were in hell-week with the man himself. This book is a reality check you’ve never wanted. It’s a punch to the gut of your pride and will call you out for your BS. On these pages is that difficult conversation you’ve tried to avoid. However, between these covers are also the hard truths we need to hear. There’s no growth in the comfort zone. For those of you seeking to blaze a trail of your own, this may be the book to indulge in as it’ll take you to the depths of your own ego. It’ll get you fired up to seek discomfort. If this autobiography doesn’t get you amped up, nothing will. 


Social Isolation has made it more challenging than ever to attend that local fitness class we told ourselves we’d go to since the beginning of the year. No longer having to work around the clock, it’s time to stop skipping leg day. Now is a chance to stay committed to those new year resolutions we’ve set for ourselves. Known as the MVMT Challenge, this 30-day challenge is led by the top fitness trainers Vancouver has to offer. It’s your chance to support both your well-being and the local Vancouver fitness community in the comfort of your home. 


In a time of uncertainty, we need each other more than ever. One of the local initiatives that caught our eye was the free virtual sessions hosted by industry disruptor and health care juggernaut Myodetox. Changing how therapy is perceived, Myodetox is going down a path nobody else is. Led by Chief Operating Officer Nick Lo and Therapist Kevin Marryshow, these two industry insiders spill the gems on how to thrive during this pandemic and beyond on their weekly thinktank webinars. Putting relationships first and the transaction second, they’re on pace to create a health and wellness empire that lasts forever.

We hope this helped! Take advantage of this opportunity to try something different. Before long, life is going to resume full-steam ahead!


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