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The thinkspace. podcast grew from a deep desire to push boundaries, explore thought forms, and provide access to great minds. We accomplish this by telling stories around the human experience in the most intimate medium to date, the podcast.  

Produced by Self Hired and hosted by Joss Biggins, thinkspace. showcases thought leaders across all industries. 

thinkspace. continues to test the boundaries of conversation, hosting guests like Top Chef All-Star Trevor Bird, UN award-winning Humanitarian David Katz, visionary Myodetox CEO Scott Marcaccio and more. It’s our mission to tap into the forefront of thought that our civilization has to offer. Regardless of industry.

Our goal has always been for listeners to gain access to the best minds in the Pacific Northwest & beyond. To leave having learned something new, tangible and actionable.

Our listeners are a tribe of the passionately curious who are deeply interested in exploring consciousness through stories, the execution of dreams and the deconstruction of the things which surround them.

Our listeners find themselves asking questions like: how does that work? Why does that work? What motivates that person to do that? How does this exist in the context of the world? What is the purpose? Amongst countless others. 

We are incredibly grateful to host guests week after week in our Vancouver-based studio and watch our community of the passionately curious grow.

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Our guests are as wide-ranging as the city they come from. Ultimately our guests are personalities who are pushing thought and creating disruption in their respective fields. We are grateful to have hosted everybody from renowned Shamanic practitioner Mimi Young to Forbes 30 under 30 winner Taran Ghatrora or BIV 40 under 40 Steve Rio to Iconic hip-hop artist Snak the Ripper and countless others. 

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joss biggins.

From humble beginnings, Joss Biggins is an all-encompassing thinker and doer. 

By profession, Joss works to affect change in the world through ethical wealth management. He hangs his hat on finding the radical truths of life and is deeply committed to personal development and human optimization.

Joss is also a committed basketball coach guiding youth through the analytical and physical nature of sports. Most importantly, Joss surrounds himself with a tribe of outliers who like him encourage each other and their community to build their own narratives and find success in multiple avenues.

This multi-passionate entrepreneur constantly pushes the envelope forward and prides himself on having conversations you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

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