Cultural Architect ELIAS SBIET is Creating Canadian Basketball

Elias was named one of the top 20 most powerful figures in Canadian basketball by SportsNet. He is an individual that feels a sense of responsibility to develop the sport to a world-class level here in Canada, and is doing such from extremely humble roots. Co-founder of North Pole Hoops as well as the National Preparatory Association, Elias works with executives and players alike on the NBA, Olympic, NCAA, USPORT, and High School levels. This conversation is about the methodologies around creating elite players, prosperous cultures and a profitable basketball ecosystem in Canada as well as many other topics.

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“Everybody wants to achieve a certain level of greatness, but the question is how much are you willing to self-deteriorate to get there… it goes back to the ego, it goes back to identity”
Elias Sbiet
President & Co-founder, North Pole Hoops & the National Preparatory Association

the substance.

  • In this episode, you’ll hear about:
  • The formula’s to create both great teams and elite players
  • How Elias drafted the blueprint for a now thriving Canadian sport
  • NPH’s systems for evaluating players and employees alike. 
  • Creating an Identity as a player & what coaches look for in athletes 
  • The business of basketball, NCAA, Amateurism and an insider scoop on what is changing in the NBA and NCAA 
  • What’s truly important for athletes as they try to transcend to the next level

show notes.

:50 – North Pole Hoops Ethos

6:55 – A formula for creating culture  

9:40 – What does investing in yourself as a business person look like? 

12:14 – What was Kobe Bryant’s Leadership style?

13:55 – Finding both mental wellness & a relentless work ethic

18:00 – How to build your team psychology and create BUY IN 

21:13 – Checking ego’s, managing A Type personalities

22:50 – North Pole Hoops 3 Tier system for Elite Basketball Players 

24:48 – How Social Media actually affects your identity 

27:14 – How College coaches and scouts decode your social media profiles

30:30 – The characteristics of athletic college scholarship recipients 

35:06 – The importance of Self Identity (without it, nobody is recruiting you) 

38:45 – The steps to figure out what your identity is.

40:40 – 41:30 – Everybody wants to achieve a certain level of greatness, but the question is how much are you willing to self-deteriorate to get there, it goes back to the ego.

42:30 – Why the NPA exists, 96% of players in the NPA get to the next level

45:50 – The one thing missing to make Canada a world-class basketball country. 

49:40 – Cultural differences between East and West coast Canadian Basketball. 

53:00 – NCAA and Amateurism 

54:00 – 56:16 –  Modern Day slavery, and the collegiate system. 

56:04 – The goal of NPH, NPA and Elias personal

57:50 – Legacy is having people remember you for purpose, for creating something that before you, never existed. It’s about empowering the next generation to think on their own.


guest bio.

A team-oriented individual and believer in achieving goals as a collective. The motivation behind the business at North Pole Media Inc. derives from the passion for the game of basketball in Canada and a yearning to continue growing the culture surrounding the sport.

Managing a team of reporters, video editors, photographers, analysts, marketing personnel to ensure that our vision is presented in a respectful, motivational and factual manner. The North Pole Hoops team is represented in every major basketball city in Canada, with the main objective in mind; to provide exposure for the country’s top student-athletes as well as track the progress of those who go on to play professionally.

Working many positions in the Canadian basketball industry (skill development trainer, recruiting analyst, reporter, editor) has equipped me with the skills necessary to build a team of loyal and dedicated individuals who are just as passionate about their work. 

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