Everett Bumstead On Tree-Planting & The Hero’s Journey

How do you plant one million trees? A lifelong adventurer and one of our own, Everett Bumstead has dedicated a majority of his life to planting trees along the outer regions of Canada. With a passion for filmmaking that stemmed from his early years, Everett walks us through his journey of filming budget rap videos for his buddies to directing One Million Trees for CBC and Self Hired, now available everywhere.

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"This culture is incredibly inclusive, to make a film about tree planting, you really have to know it and have lived it."
Everett Bumstead

the substance.

In this episode, you’ll hear about:

  • What is tree planting?
  • An inside perspective on what it’s like to plant trees for a living
  • How rural living transcends your life
  • How to form genuine human connections
  • The different archetypes within tree planting
  • A sense of fulfilment you can find from planting trees

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