58. High-Grade Healing Pioneer, AKEEM PIERRE, Turning Passion Into Profits

The one, the only, high vibrating Akeem Pierre deconstructs what healing and the process of ‘re-treating’ yourself. His humble approach to life and warm personality fosters a genuine conversation about health and wellness from a spiritual perspective. Akeem elaborates on his health retreat experiences and the culture that inspired his mindful intentions towards food, language and self-love.

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“It’s just about opening up yourself to receive...because you already have everything that you need.”
Akeem Pierre
CEO of Rich Sol Foods

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In this episode, you’ll hear about:

  • Making Conscious Decisions on Diet to Elevate Your Mind and Lifestyle 
  • Competence and Appreciation of Your Pace and Path
  • Describing the Driving Force Behind Akeem’s Brand and His Mental Shift Towards Wellness

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Akeem Pierre is a lifestyle movement coach from Vancouver, British Columbia, who, in the last five years, has focused on reshaping his approach towards movement, food, nutrition and the mind’s role on our well-being. He is an integral pioneer of plant-based retreats that take place at Mount Kailash Rejuvenation Centre in the Eastern Caribbean Island of Saint Lucia alongside his mentor, Hon. Priest Kailash K Leonce.

Pierre was inspired by the healing properties of the traditional diet at these retreats and was initially driven by his desire to have these products available to friends and family. He was able to get access to these products from his family members in Saint Lucia, who are farmers and have dedicated their lives to getting the highest quality herbs to fuel their herbal medicine practice. He started using these herbs for a year and wanted to scale the benefits of those high-quality products to a larger audience. He turned his passion into profits by sharing his knowledge, recipes and products on his website and youtube channel. 

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