Money Coach Brenda St Louis on How to Fix Your Relationship with Money

Many of us mindlessly navigate our relationship with money, which can lead to destruction, and hurt ourselves and those around us. This week we are joined by Brenda St Louis, who’s life purpose is to help bridge the gap between how we act with money, as opposed to how we wish we acted. As a Certified Money Coach and Financial Therapist, Brenda shares how to have a healthy relationship with money. We shed light on the ‘practical elements of money’ as well as how the famed hero’s journey and money archetypes help us understand, characterize and rationalize our behaviour around money. If you have a relationship with money, you qualify as somebody that could stand to benefit from this conversation.

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“Our choices with money don't always make logical sense, but they always make emotional sense... which is why we need both financial intelligence AND emotional intelligence ”
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Brenda St Louis
Financial Therapist & Certified Money Coach

the substance.

  • Micro and Macro lense on how people interact with money
  • Breaking down the traditional financial systems and advisors through the lens of emotional intelligence  
  • Empowerment through conscious use of money 
  • Financial wealth versus financial health
  • Financial Archetypes

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Brenda St Louis is an international speaker, writer, actor, therapist and Money Coach. With over 17 years as a facilitator and transformational coach, it is only since 2009 that she had developed and studied numerous platforms that have expanded people’s relationship with money. Through neuro-science, behavior science and dynamic energy work, Brenda desires to unravel the emotional financial inheritances that can limit us. Infusing the limitations with awareness, insight and strategies for change. Brenda’s desire is to bring money out into the open and use it as a tool for each of us to step into more of our own unique selves; empowered, confident and happy.

Through intensive workshops, educational seminars, one on one coaching and educational tours throughout the continent, Brenda has made a great impact on hundreds of people’s relationship to the money in their lives.


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