What Makes Vancouver Unique with Urbanist CHRIS VOLLAN.

An avid urbanist and admitted agent of change, Chris volunteers on the boards of The Urbanarium, an organization committed to advancing Vancouver’s urban conversation and QMUNITY, a non-profit organization that works to improve queer, trans, and Two-Spirit lives across British Columbia.

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"we take for granted where we live, how lucky we are, our freedoms, the mix we have...if we can’t figure it out, how to solve our local problems and our global problems, then where [in the world] can we?”
chris vollan
Chris Vollan
City Developer

show notes.

2:22 – Chris’s Path and Approach to His Career

5:10 – Developers are the agents of change 

6:15 – Vancouver is a unique animal 

10:28 – Chris’s skills in Translating Visions to Reality 

12:19 – Why do we live in cities?

14.20 – Vancouver has evolved to punch above its weight

15:00 – What is the Social Contract and what is Vancouverism?

16:41 – Vancouverism from an Urban Perspective

25:40 – Walking slowly and the experience of the city 

39:17 – How does development influence on culture and the design of living together

50:00 – Human energy surrounding the space and how Vancouver is expanding

54:16 – What does the city of the future look like?


Designing mixed use buildings for the community (referenced The Independent at Main, the 14 year project at Rize)
Sam Sullivan Public Salon:  http://publicsalon.org/
The Urbanarium for Smart Cities:  https://urbanarium.org/ 
Douglas Coupland: https://coupland.com/
The Death and Life of Great American Cities: Jane Jacobs (the godmother of North American urbanity)
Vancouverism:  Larry Beasley
Vancouverism (London Exhibit): Trevor Boddy
Triumph of the City, Edward Glaser
Happy City:  Charles Montgomery (Vancouver local)
The New Urban Crisis:  Richard Florida
Rise of the Creative Class:  Richard Florida
5 Rules for Tomorrow’s Cities: Patrick Condon (UBC)
Documentary (international finance vs real estate):   http://www.pushthefilm.com/ 

guest bio.

Chris is a transplanted Albertan-Okanaganite who has trekked genetically through the worlds of hospitality, earthquake engineering, real estate development and construction in Western Canada and the hinterlands of California.  

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