Hollywood Director COLE WALLISER on Personal Branding & Film Making

Hollywood Director & Vancouver native Cole Walliser met up with host Joss Biggins at The Basement by Loyal Coalition in historic Gastown for a special off-site edition of the thinkspace podcast. Cole tells his story of getting to the top of the creative food chain in directing, working with some of the biggest retail brands in the world as well as acts like Katy Perry & P!NK. Beyond the curls, Cole is is a well-versed business mind and genuine human being who brings a new perspective to the business behind show business and what work/life balance really means.

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“I have always been creative... but it didn't dawn on me that it could actually be a job"
Cole Walliser

the substance.

  • Where to draw the line and determine your creative value 
  • Humble recollection of Walliser’s experiences with celebrities
  • Work-life balance and the importance of mastering your craft

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guest bio.

Cole began shooting videos for professional dancer friends on a pro-bono basis when a dancer, returning the favor, asked him to be involved in some dance videos for Miley Cyrus. These videos impacted the entertainment industry bigger than anyone could have imagined with everyone from Ellen DeGeneres to Madonna to Ryan Seacrest reporting and interacting with the videos. These videos then led him to direct Miley’s 2008 Teen Choice Awards performance.

In 2009 Cole was introduced to P!NK’s management, led by industry heavyweight Roger Davies. Cole continued working with P!nk on the record-breaking Australian tour where he gave fans a glimpse into P!nk’s life on tour with a 30-minute documentary “On Tour with P!nk”. His successive work on four new P!NK music videos translated onto the screen. Cole’s unique perspective on matters of the mind and heart continually catapults him straight into superstar talent stratosphere.


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