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Presenting former Senior Vice President of Global Brand and Community for Lululemon, Eric Petersen as our second guest on the MVMT Challenge & the thinkspace podcast collaborative. Eric always brings everything back to the fundamentals. No matter where you are - sitting in the indimiating corporate space of a global enterprise or trying to figure out your next move in these unprecedented times - he takes it back to the building blocks of you as a human. What is your intention? How does it translate to the honesty and quality of your product? And Why is it important to turn to your community for answers?

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“Companies have to be extremely careful. Now is the time, more than ever, for transparency and honesty, which can often be confused for...the overly marketed term...authenticity.”
Eric Petersen
SVP Global Brand & Community

the substance.

In this episode, you’ll hear about:

  • On resetting the concept of community and building a collaborative economy  
  • What the single most crucial investment in building a global brand was
  • Guiding systems on how to scale an enterprise without changing it’s values 
  • Why is universal integrity a key structural element in leadership and business? 
  • The real reason behind Lululemon’s successful brand bevelopment

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guest bio.

SVP of global brand programs, Eric Petersen, is the powerhouse behind the marketing decisions made at lululemon. For 15 years, he has lead community and brand efforts to take this small Vancouver company and turn it into the cult brand that it is now. His leadership and innovative style has been lululemon’s guide through the economic downturn in the US, a few nagging brand rumors and bad press, and the departure of their CEO two years ago. Despite these challenges, Peterson always stepped up to continue his mission on developing the people of the company. 

Prior to joining Lululemon, Eric had graduated from Harvard Business School and had an outstanding 7 year career with EA Sports. Beyond his impressive track record, Eric is a passionate leader. He continues to be dedicated in developing individuals while strengthening the foundations of a community. He believes strongly in collaboration in an environment where people feel comfortable ask for help and giving help without having to ask for it.  

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