Former Editor-in-Chief of Daily Hive, FARHAN MOHAMED, on life beyond the digital newsroom

This week’s conversation is about slowing down. Take it from someone who has worked in the busy hustle of the digital newsroom and has interviewed the likes of Justin Trudeau far too many times. In today’s episode, we’d like to welcome Farhan Mohamed! For eight years, he dedicated his time and passion to help build what we now all know as Daily Hive. As the editor-in-chief, he cultivated a digital space for media consumption of all things Vancity, which has since expanded exponentially and globally. Tune in and find out more about what decisions lead up to Farhan’s resignation, why he values community as the most powerful key to success and how we can be socially responsible when it comes to the production and consumption of sustainable media.

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“What we have to do is take the time to slow things down. I was once told that a successful life is when you have the time to stare out the window and think about nothing. That is what I’m striving for.”
Farhan Mohamed
Former Editor-in-Chief at Daily Hive

the substance.

  • A reflection on Farhan’s time with DailyHive
  • On the leadership skills required to navigate any community 
  • What it means to experience the digital newsroom as an insider and why the future should tend towards more sustainable media production and consumption
  • What is Vancouver’s Identity?

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Farhan is the former Editor-in-Chief of Daily Hive. From 2012-2020 he built the organization’s newsroom, taking it from a single-city blog (Vancity Buzz) to 7 cities across Canada the US. The son of Canadian immigrants, he’s a born and raised Vancouverite, a diehard Canucks fan, and has a passion for growing and building communities.

Before establishing his lengthy career with Daily Hive, Farhan landed his first job out of Highschool at London Drugs. He then moved on to working at the retail Apple store. Wherever he was, Farhan honed in skills and made the most of his opportunities. As he mentions in the interview, he does not believe that anything is handed to you and you have to put in the work; only then, will you get what you want! Fast forward to 2012 when he started working at the Pacific Newspaper Group, a Postmedia Network company in Advertising & Sales. He then landed the job at Daily Hive doing business development and the rest is history. Farhan was an editor-in-chief, a partner and one of the directors in his time with DH. 

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