NBA Skills Trainer HARP GREWAL Unlocks the Athlete

More than a basketball skills trainer, Harp Grewal, known as 3SeedTraining to most, is about building the human AND the player. Harp shares some of the nuances of life that he has learned from the game. How he became a trainer in the gym with some of the best in the game, one of those people being the late great Kobe Bryant, who Harp shares stories of. Lessons and experiences with top trainers, the exponential nature of knowledge and the impact of meditation are just a few of many topics covered. Harp’s message ultimately is one of finding clarity within.

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Harp Grewal
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In this episode, you’ll hear about:

  • How all-star NBA players and coaches approach the game of basketball
  • The framework for excellence in any field 
  • Experiences with, and the legacy of the late great Kobe Bryant
  • How we can develop & empower our youth, Indo-Canadian role models 
  • Mindfulness and meditation in athletics.

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guest bio.

3SeedTraining founder Harp Grewal is a skills development coach who focuses on high-performance training that enhances not only your basketball skills, but also instills leadership & strengthens your mind. Harp has trained on the grassroots level and also with a handful of professional players & assisted with NBA workouts the past couple of years.

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