EPISODE 65: ITSTHEREAL on Establishing An Everlasting Niche in Hip Hop & Culture

Eric and Jeff Rosenthal AKA ItsTheReal sat down with Joss live from their apartment in New York. Eric and Jeff have built a lane for themselves as two white Jewish dudes who are extremely respected and embraced by the Hip-Hop Community. The Two are Industry Insiders, Writers, Hip Hop Sketch Comedians, Interviewers, Podcaststers, Live Performers and even dropped two fire projects as rappers, Urbane Outfitters & Teddy Bear Fresh.

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“This is us, this is how we have fun regardless of who is in the room... whether it’s literally Jeezy, Kevin Gates or our mom.”
Jeff & Eric from ItsTheReal

the substance.

In this episode, you’ll hear about: 

  • How anchoring down a magnetic personality becomes the backbone of a brand that transcends through time, place and people 
  • Stories behind hosting interviews with the biggest names in Hip Hop & Pop Culture
  • Using their power as storytellers to make moments & content that will last 
  • On staying authentic in your route and creating a path that is unique to your goal
  • How they maintained their momentum throughout their career and and allowed it to evolve in the changing landscapes

show notes.

7:00 – The Rewards of Being Recognized for Truly Being Yourself

8:24 – How They Got Connected With Nipsey Hussle

9:56 – The Logistics Behind Setting Up An Interview Space for Your A-List Guests  

12:00 – Strategic Ways of Priming Guests For A Comfortable Interview

15:41 – Here’s The Weird Thing About 2020 

16:30 – Using Their Power As Storytellers To Make Things That Last

17:39 – Persistence and Ambition, The Two Key Ingredients That Made This Young College Student, Quite Literally, Reach For The Stars

19:04 – The Third Door Theory 

19:57 – Their Own Inspiration From The Failures That Created The Roc-A-Fella Records

20:14 – On Creating A Direct Path By Aiming Straight To The Top 

23:31 – What Does It Truly Mean To Be Successful?

24:40 – Adapting Their Workflow To The Current Crisis and The Continuously Changing Landscape 

29:31 – Their Weirdest Interview: When Black Rob Was Supposed To Show Up On Thursday at 3 o’clock 

32:48 – How to Pick and Choose Personalities For Your Interviews That Compliments Your Taste As A Host, The Vibe of The Guest and Appeals to Your Audience 

37:35 – The Democratization and Popularity of Hip Hop 

40:29 – Real Talk on How Jeff Feels About Eric

42:13 – And How Eric Feels About Jeff 

47:00 – The Burning Question: What Is The Right Way to Load The Dishwasher?

52:25 – How To Add Structure To An Interview And When to Let The Atmosphere Dictate The Flow  

55:30 – Breakthroughs in Adapting Their Interview Style During The Quarantine 

58:35 – Discarding The Traditional Notions of What It Means To Be A Creative 

1:00:00Don’t Be Chasing The Same Thing As Everybody Else


guest bio.

Brothers Eric and Jeff Rosenthal, better known as ItsTheReal, are not the women’s TV talk show. 

Mainstays in the New York City music and comedy scenes, ItsTheReal sold their self-titled show to MTV, released their debut album Teddy Bear Fresh, published their popular lined notebook RHYME BOOK with Abrams, performed to sold-out crowds in NYC, London, Los Angeles, Austin & Philadelphia, host the chart-topping interview podcast A Waste of Time, and co-host the hilarious 2 Jews and 2 Black Dudes Review the Movies podcast with The LOX , where they break down films like Parasite, Coco and Home Alone.

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