MAX RIVEST Co-Founder of WIZE Thinks You’re Drinking Coffee Wrong

From overdosing on coffee to practicing a vegan keto diet, Max Rivest could tell you a thing or two about breaking bad habits. Tune in to this week’s episode to understand how his unhealthy relationship with coffee caused serious health issues that led him to trade in coffee beans for coffee tea leaves. Find out how he founded Wize Coffee Leaf drinks by utilizing a simple ingredient to solve a personal, social, and economic problem.

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Caffeine takes away from your human experience, it can take away from your energy levels... it's detrimental when you think you are helping yourself.
Max Rivest
Co-Founder of WIZE Coffee Leaf

the substance.

In this episode, you’ll hear about:

  • The adventures, journey and hustle behind creating Wize Coffee Leaf.
  • The consequences of overdosing on caffeine 
  • Understanding the business from the creation process, to retail, to wholesale 
  • Controversies and misconceptions around the addiction to coffee 
  • Discussing the effects of dopamine depletion and decision making 
  • How you can break a habit and what it looks like to overcome it

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