MESH LAKHANI on Capitalizing the Learning Curve and Drawing Parallels in the World of Finance and Podcasting

Mesh Lakhani knows how to talk about money in a way that makes sense. He has been on both sides of the table and delivers knowledge from a place of not knowing financial literacy at all, to being an investor and the founder of Mark 2 Capital, a firm which now manages approximately $200 million in assets across multiple investments. Tune in to find out how he has pivoted from multiple learning curves and why he is passionately curious about educating people on making major moves with their money.

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“Be honest with people, it’s okay to ask questions...it’s okay not to sound like the smartest guy or girl in the room. Soak it in, be patient, be genuine. Don’t be transactional, it will pay back better, and not just in terms of money”
Mesh Lakhani
Investor and Podcast Host

the substance.

In this episode, you’ll hear about:

  • On developing a new platform for everybody to have the right to learn and know how their money works 
  • Building a podcast from scratch and developing the narrative behind “Talk Money”
  • Driving personal and professional success with a green mindset 
  • How to create an an identity that makes sense in the world of finance and podcasting

show notes.

10:14 – Creating Mark 2 Capital 

15:00 – Stepping foot into the Finance Industry in 2008  

31.55 – On Not Being Good Enough and Being Able to Grow Out of It

38:31 – How Talk Money Started 

46:49 – Creating an identity in the world of podcast and finance 

53:31 – Fusing the On Screen and Off Screen Persona 

57:04 – Everyone Should Have a Right to Know How Their Money Works 

1:02:50 – Toughest Learning Curve When it Comes to Money 

1:06:40 – Rising to the Ranks by Being Honest


guest bio.

Mesh Lakhani is an investor with a demonstrated history of working across multiple asset classes. He founded Mark 2 Capital in 2016 and has grown it tremendously since. They are managing approximately $200 million in assets across multiple investment vehicles.

For Mesh, it did not always start out this way. After graduating the University of Virginia, he decided to take a detour into the world of finance, leaving his passion for music behind. The whole scene was a huge learning curve and from not having any prior knowledge, he managed to build his foundations as a major investor from the ground up. His passion for learning put him in a critical position as the someone who has experienced the world of finance from both sides of the table. This prompted him to start his very own podcast, Talk Money.

As the host of Talk Money, Mesh is dedicated to educating the public on business, finance, markets, & investing through compelling story telling and relatable topic. His goal is to bring the intimidating space of the financial world and jargon into closer proximity for masses so that we can actually understand how money works!

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