Myodetox COO NICK LO on Longevity and Company Culture

This week we learn how to ‘FutureProof our body’ with the COO and physiotherapist at Myodetox - Nick Lo. Nick is a movement specialist who stays curious about all facets of life and Is an abundance of knowledge in both entrepreneurship, movement and philosophy. The two talk how he has helped to scale Myodetox into a multinational movement and highly successful enterprise. Breaking points along the way, and mindsets throughout this ongoing journey. The two also expand on their thoughts around physical performance in an extremely insightful and high level conversation on this weeks podcast.

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“The growth of a company is purely based on team culture, and that doesn't mean beer and pizza on Fridays... It means understanding why somebody is here and their wants in life. So at Myo - we are really just a human development company in disguise"
Nick Lo podcast
Nick Lo
COO & Physical Therapist at Myodetox

the substance.

What you’ll hear about:

  • How Nick built the unique & powerful culture of Myodetox
  • Breakdown of different movement systems
  • New ways to think about manual therapy  
  • How to build company culture & what that even means 
  • Nick’s personal moments of failure and triumph


show notes.


guest bio.

As a Vancouver native, Nick has always shown a passion for learning and entrepreneurship. Skilled in Strategic Planning, Physical Therapy, Change Management, and Leadership. Nick is a physiotherapist turned entrepreneur.  With a flair for critical thinking, he went and set out to create the vision he saw in the health and wellness industry.

Now, with 10 successful locations and growing, he finds a new place to bring his joy of community and collaboration, his dedication to delivering excellence – One which is tailored to you, is now available for you to stream.


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