Building a brick and mortar with convenience with Body Energy Club's co-founder RICK OCEAN

In this episode of the ThinkSpace podcast, we sit down with business management and sales development guru Rick Ocean. Managing partner at Body Energy Club and owner of Stretch Body Lab, Rick is one of the leading visionaries behind global longevity and human prosperity

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“ We loved what we did, we loved the industry, and that was the similarity between us that gave us the passion and drive to do the long hours. You have to really love what you do.”
rick ocean thinkspace
Rick Ocean
Managing Partner, Body Energy Club

the substance.

In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • The value of, and what it means to have your own identity
  • Business pre-internet
  • What makes Vancouver so unique
  • How convenience within businesses is overlooked
  • Why guest experience is the key to differentiation


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guest bio.

Rick is a sales development and business management juggernaut. With 15+ years of experience, he is naturally equipped with a flair for marketing initiatives and branding. 

Known for his forward-thinking and exceptional customer relations, his brand Body Energy Club has expanded to over 10 locations across North America. 

Also recognized as the owner of Stretch Body Lab, Rick is one of the leading idealists behind a prosperous future for adaptive therapy that will enhance your recovery, rehabilitation, and performance.


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