Visionary Entrepreneur & Myodetox CEO, SCOTT MARCACCIO on Building Company Culture

One of the driving forces behind physio powerhouse, and industry revolutionizing, Myodetox. Co-Founder and CEO Scott Marcaccio sits down with the team to deep dive into the organic grassroots of his career and how he and his team were able to build this empire. Scott is a leader in human psychology, business leadership, and avid philosophizer.

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“As an entrepreneur, I decided that no one will ever pay me what I am worth. So I decided to go out and create my worth, and pay it to myself and those around me”
scott marcaccio
Scott Marcaccio
Co-Founder, CEO - Myodetox

the substance.

What you’ll hear about:

  • Steps to evaluate your goals, values, and purpose as an individual
  • Human psychology and organizational leadership strategies
  • What it takes to disrupt industries on a mass scale 
  • Technologies impact on human behavior
  • The traits of the top performers in Silicon Valley 



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guest bio.

Scott Marcaccio is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Myodetox, a lifestyle physical therapy brand operating ten locations across Los Angeles, Vancouver, and Toronto. Through the power of their brand-first approach and industry-leading social media strategy, Scott has led Myodetox to forge ongoing partnerships with global brands including Nike, Equinox, and Lululemon.

Prior to Myodetox, Scott was an International Correspondent working for the South China Morning Post, tasked with creating macroeconomic reports on key European trading partners in Asia. He later joined Baltronic Group, a Scandinavian telecommunications company, to successfully lead their business expansion into the Canadian market in a Director of Sales role.


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