Realtor, SHAWN BROWN, On The Roots and Realities of Navigating in a Fast Paced Industry

In this episode, Shawn strips away the titles and gives us real insight on what drives his efficiency and details the intricacies that make him stand out in a highly competitive field. He is a high-producing real estate agent with the West Haven Group, operating within the Oakwyn Downtown brokerage. He is also currently in the top 1% of producers within the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver and we had the opportunity to pick his brain on how he makes it all work.

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"achieving goals should not be the sole basis of one's self worth"
Shawn Brown

the substance.

In this episode, you’ll hear about:

  • Shawn’s humbling approach on becoming a better realtor by building substantial relationships with his competitors and clients 
  • Taking ownership of what fuels your drive
  • Discussing the satiation of reaching your capacity and what it means to navigate a job and personal life as a high performer

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guest bio.

Shawn Brown loves the chase for all the right reasons, making him the real estate agent that he is today. Specifically, he is in the 1-2% of the of highest producers in Greater Vancouver, marking his success with The West Haven Group within the Oakwyn Realty Brokerage in Downtown. In 2019, he was also awarded the Board’s Medallion Club achievement award for the seventh year in a row.

Shawn brings with him an advertising and marketing agency background that he has leveraged to become one of the most effective listing marketers in the region. He also has a proven track record in working with investors in sourcing the savviest real estate investments that Metro Vancouver has to offer. 

In spite of all of his outstanding accomplishments, Shawn constantly seeks to strive for more as he continues to build his values and net-worth within himself and this  industry. 

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