Famed Underground Hip-Hop Artist Snak The Ripper pulls back the curtain on his life and dives into how to build your audience.

This episode of the podcast features one of Canada’s most legendary underground hip hop artists - Snak The Ripper. Snak has founded businesses, became a father and turned his life around from the ground up. An outstanding person, highly skilled rapper and accomplished businessman. For the first time, Snak gives his fans an in-depth hour and a half deep dive into his life, career, family, businesses and more.

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“Because of the booze or the drugs and the Snak persona, I was scared to quit, because that’s what I thought people wanted from me, when in reality, nobody really had ever known me. How could I be sober and still be Snak the Ripper?...I’m past that now”
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Snak the Ripper
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the substance.

  • In this episode, you’ll hear about:

    • Snak opening up about his story, additions, and struggles early on and what turned him around. 
    • All about the Vancouver music scene in the ’90s and early 2000s
    • Dealing with social anxiety and mental health.
    • Tactics for artists to build a fanbase 
    • The business of entertainment & touring
    • Building culture and brand around a company.
    • The creative process as music artists.

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guest bio.

Snak grew up in Maple Ridge, a suburb located just outside of Vancouver, BC. Snak moved around the country as he tried to perfect his graffiti skills and build notoriety in the Canadian Hip Hop Scene. Snak The Ripper was homeless and struggled with substance abuse, using his love for writing songs as an escape.

Snak The Ripper’s 2016 release, From The Dirt, debuted at #1 on iTunes Hip Hop & Rap Charts. He was nominated for Hip Hop Recording of the year at the Western Canadian Music Awards in 2015 and 2016. He’s also collaborated with a few artists such as the Outlaws that were founded by Tupac Shakur.


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