Mastering your Two Greatest Resources: Time and Attention with Steve Rio

You may remember Steve Rio from episode 35, the longest episode ever recorded on the podcast. His calm and charismatic nature just makes him one of those people you can have endless conversations with. In this episode, Joss meets Steve at his guest home on Bowen Island for a post-hike and post-cedarwood sauna conversation. Tune in to our first podcast off Zoom, where Steve Rio tells you as it is, with meaningful insights on why we should orient our decisions by listening to our body, what crippling technology habits are actually doing to us, and everything else in between. Find out more on today's episode!

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“When I have big decisions to make, I have to go for walks... I create and make space as I can and not think about it... we have so much wisdom in our bodies. If you listen to your body, you just know that there’s that feeling in your chest telling you exactly what you need to prioritize.”
Steve Rio
Founder of Nature of Work

the substance.

In this episode, you’ll hear about:

  • The role technology plays in rewiring our sense of time, place, and mental space 
  • What does success look like at the end of the day 
  • Using your body as a resource over your mind
  • Discussing the effects of dopamine depletion and decision making 
  • BLM movement and the social space
  • Introducing “Nature of Work”, a fundamental tool for cultivating daily habits

show notes.


guest bio.

Steve Rio is a visionary entrepreneur, futurist, and musician based on Bowen Island, BC. He is the CEO and Founder of Nature of Work, and the host of NOW with Steve Rio, a podcast that explores what it means to live a good life. Steve is an expert in performance and wellness, team culture, values-based organizations, future of work, remote and distributed teams, and technology. His gift and passion is helping people realize their full potential and expand their awareness, consciousness, and compassion.

Steve is a 15-year veteran in technology, brand and organizational strategy. As Founder and CEO of Briteweb,a social impact consultancy delivering strategy, design and digital,​ his focus was on building the world’s most flexible, engaged and efficient company, bringing together the best talent from all over the world.

Since day one, purpose, values and culture have been foundational to his leadership approach. This has created a vibrant team culture that is deeply committed to one another and to the causes Briteweb supports through it’s work.

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