Navigating uncertainty, confidence, and digital marketing with SUMMAN KANDOLA

In this episode of the thinkspace podcast, Joss sits down with digital marketing specialist Summan Kandola. Summan is most known for her infamous Instagram story conversations and creative projects including Surutheguru, and XOANDHUSTLE. Summan has a commanding and compassionate grasp on human psychology, spiritualism, business and entrepreneurship.

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“You create real change generationally, and the common thread in generational change is how we think.”
Summan Kandola

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In this episode, you’ll hear about

  • What it means to be a confident woman
  • Navigating a career as an outlier
  • The power in expressing malleable thoughts
  • The mindset of a creator

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guest bio.

Summan is a hybrid creative offering insight and expertise during the entire scope of a project. From creative direction to PR and distribution, Summan is skilled in crafting an idea, bringing it to life and delivering it to the right people.

From a native age Summan has always had a deep fascination with human psychology and in turn, turned that into a commitment of teaching others mindset tips and tricks to keep them on their game. 

After leaving university, Summan pursued journalism and has interviewed 20+ creatives including Jazzy B, Sam Roberts Band, and has produced 50+ community segments in the GVA.

On the brink of her journalistic success, Summan produced her own web series How To Be Famous and Podcast “The sisi & susu show” which challenged ideas of society and pop culture.

After laying her early projects to rest Summan went on to join the forces at Self Hired, a content production studio specializing in brand photography, videography and podcast production. She proudly co-produced FWE Canada’s “The Go-To” and has developed several brands within Vancouver.

As the founder and host of XOANDHUSTLE Conversations, Summan’s goal is to create avenues for guests to communicate openly and freely about personal, professional, emotional and spiritual growth.

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