How to Find Peace and Happiness with Stoic Josh Dittmer

By Raiden Huang

I’ve always been captivated by people who have been able to push past the boundaries of the human potential. Discovering innovative methods of transcending our basic human functions has always been my source of excitement. Human optimization, biohacking, and the whole spiel are only a few scrolls down. Let me know what you think.

– Raiden Huang

Josh Dittmer

Raiden: How did you come across breathwork?

Josh: The breathing comes from freediving. I spent most of my life underwater so I learned
about cold exposure early on. While most people breathe into their chests, my grandfather
taught me to breathe into the belly(it puts us in a sympathetic response). We must come from a
soft place. We over worry about the aesthetics of our body causing us to tense up our stomach.
We’re meant to be relaxed, so let the breath fall in and allow the abdomen to come out. The
breath-hold drops you to a parasympathetic state. When we go from a flight or flight very quickly
to a rest and digest state, it makes the stresses of the day to days a lot easier.

Raiden: Why should we be integrating spirituality into our hustle?

Josh: Breathwork is specifically for the relief of stress and anxiety while meditation is meant to
practice a progressive body state of relaxation to create awareness.
We forget that peace is in stillness, we’re frightened of our thoughts because we don’t sit in
them. We have to realize consciousness and stressors are always present. The problem is that
we only realize the triggers when they come across our field of vision. We freak out over issues
that have always existed. The meditative practice allows you to be less reactive. When you’re
stressed, the blood rushes away from your organs. The brain is twenty to thirty percent more
efficient when you’re in a happy state.

Raiden: Where do you find your happiness from?

Josh: I wasn’t born this hippie kid, I struggled. Mediation allowed me to be at peace with myself.
I had a very strong moral compass and if I did anything I felt was wrong, I’d feel off. The
problem with many people is that they stop listening to that voice in their head. When you do
that, it gets quieter. If you squash it, you’ll get to forty and be miserable.

People don’t take the time to figure out if it’s their own voice they’re hearing or if it’s someone
else’s. I lived out in the ocean for two years straight without reception. Unless you sit in the
stillness to allow the voices to dissipate, you’ll be unable to figure out whether the voice is yours.
Happiness is peace in motion, you get to experience that if you commit to a deep practice.
Stoicism is great because you realize that once you get over one mountain, there’s another one
waiting. When you come to realize there’s no end, it brings you peace. As you begin to fix your
attention on what’s in front of you, you’ll be able to enjoy the journey.

Having come across some high-level individuals, I’ve realized biohacking the body is a
common denominator amongst these killers. If you haven’t explored this genre, I urge you to do so now.

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