Reframe Your Think Space

By Riya Vashiraphiphob

When every day has turned into a self-care Sunday and you’ve caved into making that TikTok account you never thought you would have, how do we make sense of this period in time?


It’s undeniable that the virtual community has made a conscious effort to bring people closer together during quarantine, giving life to a new creative landscape and collective mindset that we have built over the last few weeks. 

As eloquently put by Creative Director, Mark Milburn, in  episode 63 of Thinkspace, “we’re in a time where 6 degrees of separation has turned into 3 degrees.”

It’s true. You can catch Priyanka Chopra on Insta Live breaking COVID-19 myths with the General Director of W.H.O, Dr. Tedros and Corona Virus Technical Lead, Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, in a casual setting.


Or dive into a personal conversation with Tom Bilyeu in real-time, as well as meditate with Marie Forleo, all on the very same day. You can expect people to be in their homes, making anyone more accessible than they were before. 

At the same time, we are also warped up in a period of anxiety, unpredictability and stress from overloaded media coverage on COVID-19 and financial drain. When it is so difficult to cancel the noise, how can we prevent ourselves from feeling like we are just sitting at home waiting for another paradigm shift?

Needless to say, some of us might be going stir crazy.

So, here are a handful of tips on how to orient ourselves during this disorienting time. 

REFRAME I What it means to have 24 hours

Challenging times often require us to reframe our way of thinking to guide ourselves to a solution. For a lot of us, our patterns have been disrupted. We are used to working around the clock, in certain spaces at specific times, eating the same food. It is crucial to experiment with the luxury of time that we have now. One way to do that is by reinstating a new pattern with a morning ritual. 

Robin Sharma’s The 5AM Club is based around the ability to optimize energy and navigate as a high-performer. One of the methods he mentions in the book is the 20/20/20 formula. It curates the first hour of the morning into 20-minute sections so that you can assimilate it into your daily life without making the goals too big and unachievable. 

The first 20 minutes are dedicated to exercise, to get rid of your high cortisol (fear hormones) levels in the morning and replace it with the release of dopamine, serotonin, BDNF production  and all that other good stuff. The second portion is for 20 minutes of reflection. Whether it is through mediation or journaling,  use this time to create a “blueprint for a beautiful day.” The last 20 minutes is the victory hour. This is when you spend time learning and growing.  

READ I Our Pick of The Week

 The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman. Indulge in the digestible daily wisdom that these pages have to offer, in order to set your bearings straight. As we are taking life day by day during this time, these pages also carry you day by day to new ways of thinking, imagining and learning how to process thoughts. This might be the kind of book that allows you to see opportunities in uncertain situations as the take away from the book is beyond what is written in print. It is instead, shaped by the reader.


When you have washed your hands to that coarse, peeling, flaky level – or maybe, you don’t want to wait for it to get to that point – reach out to our friends at Delush for some love. Heal your hands and your soul with their hemp-derived CBD infused  plant-powered wellness products.

Blume is also taking an outstanding initiative by providing free tampons to front line workers and those in financial need. They are also donating a box to anyone in need with your purchase, because, as we know, “Periods don’t stop for Pandemics.” 

Lastly, if you are getting tired of your own cooking, have a look at Urban Tadka’s frozen delivery options that they have made available to accommodate us during the quarantine. They specialize in Awadhi cuisine native to the city of Nawabs, Lucknow, and have created meal options full of aromatic spices and colourful flavours that can adapt to any palette. New on their menu are the Vegan Jackfruit Salan, Mutton Salan, Malai Chicken Kebab and More. Check them out!


We hope this helped! Although we are limited to our space at home at the moment, we can do much more in this time to expand our think space.

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