exposure to new ideas.

When it comes to expanding the range of things I’m thinking about and ideas I’m exposed to, this is probably my favorite podcast, AND it’s here in Vancouver.

Tyler Scomazzon

convos for a curious mind.

Joss and the team do an awesome job of curating the right guests and the right content for anyone with a curious mind. I’m always impressed by the quality of the conversation, the detail they go into, the kinds of topics they talk about, and things I’m left thinking about after. Worth a listen!

Julian DeSchutter

a personal favorite.

Joss brings you into the conversation you wish you could have with successful entrepreneurs, environmentalists, business owners, comedians and rappers alike who have a common thread of making an impact on their own terms. If you’re into a relaxed informal dialogue that sounds like the host has known his guests for years then this is the show for you.

Josh Dittmer

episodes that make you THINK.

Loved listening to these long, yet reflective and insightful interviews High-quality audio and organic yet valuable conversations. The interview with Steve Rio completely changed my life (showed me the power of a former passion for dance) Julian’s interview also posed amazing reflective questions.

Alice Ko

tune in for the real talk.

Can’t think of a better podcast to tune into when you just want to listen to a REAL conversation – one that breaks down all walls/barriers/titles. From CEOs to straight-up hustling creatives, you feel like you’re basically in the same room with them receiving genuine down to earth advice, reality checks and heave doses of knowledge. Plus you’ll have a good laugh.

Riya Virsha

fascinating weekly discussions.

No two guests are identical, the conversation is always evolving, and yet it maintains a structured flow to keep you listening.

Michael Smaill

ideas translated.

At the end of the day – podcasts are a medium for people to understand and learn about areas they normally wouldn’t. Which is exactly the purpose that thinkspace. serves. Translating ideas into digestible narratives.

Jakob Jungwirth
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