7 Vancouver Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

By Riya Vashiraphiphob

so, podcasts in 2020.

Podcasts have taken our world by storm in the past few years and have become a cultural phenomenon, learning incubator and creative drive to say the least.

It’s been a year of undeniable growth for the democratizing medium that has cultivated a cultural buzz beyond its expectations. The term “Podcast” was arbitrary in 2004; wedged between “Audioblogging” and GuerillaMedia” in a loosely thought out sentence that, Ben Hammsley admitted, was thrown in last-minute for his article in The Guardian. The word certainly holds enough merit now. 

 Whether you enjoy long cosmic conversations or upfront facts about tech, business, politics and science, we’ve picked out some of Vancouver’s best locally produced podcasts for you to listen to in 2020. 

1. The thinkspace. podcast

Brought to you by yours truly, Self Hired, a content production studio; thinkspace is a podcast for the passionately curious. Host Joss Biggins is a charismatic conversationalist who takes his discussions to the moon and back (sometimes).

The spontaneous dialogue between Biggins and his guests is not only quick-witted and entertaining but also densely informative (the longest episode ran for three hours with Steve Rio).

Each conversation cuts beyond the guest’s formal credentials and dives right into the importance of their beliefs, values and essentially, what makes them human.

Previous compelling guests include local and global entrepreneurs like David Katz, hip hop historians DJ Flipout, fitness inspirations Carmel Rodriguez and more recently in their 50th episode, a former corporate executive turned shamanic practitioner, Mimi Young.

2. This is VANCOLOUR Podcast

Recorded in historic Gastown, This is VANCOLOUR celebrates Vancouver for all of its quirks. Host and creator, Mo Amir, invites listeners to view his city through a colorful lens by “giving credit to its vibrant creative class.”

Amir is a kombucha drinking, coffee-date disapproving Vancourite who is not afraid to respectfully challenge his guests’ opinions.

The podcast tackles anything under the sun from the repercussions of kombucha being detected on a breathalyzer to posing questions such as, ‘are we lonely because of technology?’ His own political interest also parlays compelling conversations with an influential member of parliament, a mayoral candidate and a few activists.

Each guest is one of a kind, coming from different occupations, industries and backgrounds which is the key ingredient to making these conversations colourful. 

3. Business in Vancouver (BIV) Podcast

If you want to stay up-to-date with local Vancouver news and are looking for a bite-sized podcast packed with information, this is for you. This series focuses on  quick 20-30 minute episodes on all things business-related in B.C. with focus on Vancouver.

It is hosted by editor-in-chief, Kirk LaPointe, as well as reporters BIV Tyler Orton and Hayley Woodling in a structured, traditional, round table broadcast brought to you by Business in Vancouver Newspaper.

In more recent podcasts, topics have been centralized around the forefronts of the Vancouver market in the tech, cannabis and real-estate industries. It is a perfect dose with your morning coffee and you can expect to always be in the loop with BIV. 

4.Stop Podcasting Yourself Podcast

For those of you needing a comedic break on your drive, during your morning routine, or basically whenever (because… comedy is just that good) we recommend checking out Canada’s top comedy podcast: Stop Podcasting Yourself. Laced with witty humor, intelligent hosts Graham Clark and Dave Shumka sit down with weekly guests to have hilarious conversations that connect you to stories only told for Vancouverites. 

5. Vancouver Real Estate Podcast

Vancouver realtors Matt and Adam Scalena are upbeat and sharp personalities that know exactly how to talk about what they know best: Vancouver real estate The duo analyzes the real estate market in Vancouver and submarkets in the Lower Mainland from all angles in their content. Warning: they use industry specific jargon and topics that might not be accessible to everyone.

If you’re beginning your real estate investment journey, this podcast definitely serves as a tremendous learning tool.

Their guests include real developers, economists, urban planners and key thought leaders in the Vancouver real estate industry that are always in tune with the sporadic changes in the market. Drop in weekly for transparent and clear-cut information served to you on a platter!   

6. Uncorked: The Podcast

Uncorked is brought to you by The Corker Collective, a human capital consulting firm providing well rounded solutions for businesses in recruitment, 1:1 coaching and managerial training.

Led by brother and sister superstar duo, Matt and Steph Corker, the foundation of their work in human optimization is bricked into the narrative of their conversations as these 20-minute episodes are positive, high energy discussions that advocate the art of ‘unapologetically being yourself.’

Topics of daily anxieties, both personal and in the workspace, are addressed and handled in an optimistic manner. You can expect to always take away good advice with your morning coffee, after listening to Uncorked. 

7. So You Think You’re Intuitive? Podcast

If you’ve ever been called an empath and have trouble dealing with it, Natalie Miles just might have the answers for you. As a spiritual mentor and psychic medium, Miles hangs her hat on authenticity in this podcast.

Miles provides space for her guests to be audacious and to discuss all things inconceivably vast. The episodes are layered with unique stories that give her listeners an opportunity to calibrate with their inner selves.

And that’s it, our top 7 podcasts in Vancouver to tune into for 2020. Think we missed one? Hit us up on Insta with what you’re listening to.

Thanks for reading!

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